Staying competent

In a community that is becoming more and more complex because of new threats, higher demands are set for safety professionals. In order to be prepared for the future we must educate, practice and train.

We offer creative and correct scenarios with great diversity, taking topical matters into account. Thanks to the urban design, the great diversity in objects ánd variation, everything is possible on our training grounds. You will practice at our security center, in realistic circumstances, with real heat, real smoke and real fire, under the supervision of a professional instructor.

All of the core tasks (fire protection, technical assistance, incident management hazardous materials and water incident) can be practiced.

"We offer creative and correct scenarios with great diversity."


On our site we offer the possibility to create an exercise. Learning objectives or procedures can be linked to different objects.
The procedures to choose from:

  • basement fire
  • loss of personnel
  • fire hydrants
  • complex buildings
  • closed spaces
  • working at high altitudes
  • protocol suspicious objects
  • approaching a dangerous individual
  • arrests / IST (Internal Support Team)
  • criminal investigation techniques
  • quadrant model
  • grab rescue
  • hazardous materials incident management
  • technical assistance / vehicles

Our objects

  • Residence 1
  • Residence 2
  • Residence 3
  • Multitenant building
  • Multifunctional building
  • Container complex
  • Instruction room
  • Demo track
  • Industrial building
  • Plant industry
  • Ship
  • Vehicle extrication and highway
  • Railroad with train
  • Railroad with tank wagon
  • Church tower
  • Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET)

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