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To preserve and facilitate the safety within your organization best, it is of the utmost importance to turn your EROs into decisive safety experts.

At our safety center there is an emphasis on learning goals. We listen to your questions, think along actively and offer purposeful courses, to make sure your organization is ready for the future.

In our opinion, a good teacher gives personal attention to every student. He inspires and describes relevant experiences that the student can use in his own organization. We only work with the best teachers.

"In our opinion, a good teacher gives personal attention to every student."

Which courses do we offer?

  • Basic Emergency Response Officer (ERO)
  • Basic Emergency Response Officer (ERO) – Refresher course
  • Team Manager ERO
  • Team Manager ERO – Refresher course
  • Head Emergency Response Team
  • First Aid course
  • First Aid refresher course

Learn from the best!

At Spinel Safety Center professionals teach EROs everything about safety. Competent social workers, professionally connected to the fire brigade or ambulance service, give instructions. On the base of common and realistic real-life examples they make sure the course is challenging and that there is emphasis on personal and measurable growth. All our teachers are NIBHV (Dutch institute for EROs) certified.

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