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We see it as our job to facilitate and secure safety as best we can. It is of the utmost importance to be able to educate, train and practice together in a professional manner. Therefore it is our mission to use innovative techniques to turn civilians, partners and security organizations into decisive security experts, in a conditioned environment at our practice center in Dordrecht.

Partners in crisis management

Spinel Security Center employs people from Security Region South Holland South, Fire-Brigade South Holland South and GHOR. Spinel Security Center is the only regional practice institute in South Holland South that serves  as a training college for crisis management.


The Emergency Response Officers (EROs) are the safety experts of your organization. They are competent social workers, able to save lives, evacuate your building or extinguish the beginnings of a fire. In all our basic courses and refresher courses the teaching material will be adjusted to the risks in your organization. That is how we connect theory and practice in your organization, so we can create a safer environment.

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