Industrial building

We guarantee a personal and measurable growth as a safety professional. We use a circular process with personal attention and a good evaluation technique to work on your personal growth. We offer the most creative and accurate scenarios, with direction and great diversity, based on topical matters. Therefore the industrial building offers many opportunities to practice a multitude of skills, from fire-fighting to the training of an arrest squad.
The staging of fires in the industrial building is supported by gas-fired hearths and artificial smoke. There are also wood-fired smokers available for extra support, as well as water extraction around the building. This building has been certified as an exam location for fire-fighting by the IFV (the Dutch institute for safety).

Features industrial building

• two floors
• ground floor with parking garage and stock room
• first floor: offices
• second floor: attic

Suitable for:

  • Fire brigade
  • Chain partners, such as: arrest teams and large-scale medical assistance

Possible learning goals or core tasks

This industrial building is suitable for many core tasks: fire-fighting, technical assistance and incident management hazardous materials. The following learning goals can be practiced realistically:


  • car fire in a parking garage
  • a warehouse/stock room fire, spreading to higher floors
  • an open fire in an office, spreading to the second floor
  • a fire in a residence above a business
  • medium fire practices, using a fire hydrant
  • victim under a passenger car in a garage
  • leakage of hazardous substances at a business
  • a basement fire