Instruction room

Competent teachers, professionally connected to the fire brigade or ambulance service, give instructions. On the base of common and realistic real-life examples they make sure the course is challenging and that there is emphasis on personal and measurable growth. As safety professionals it is our job to offer a helping hand to people in need, but without losing sight of our own safety. In our aim for a safer society, we put the health of our community workers first and take responsibility for a safer society. Working in a clean environment is an important precondition at our safety center. The instruction room is therefore divided into two objects: one where instructions on industrial fire-fighting can be given, and one where door procedures with nozzle and SAHF signals can be taught, with matching extinguishing method.

Features instruction room                   

  • process installation
  • height: approx. 9 meters
  • three floors
  • 12 hearths
  • two containers for instructions and demonstrations
  • an L-shaped container for instructions
  • simulation of liquid fires with white fuel

Suitable for:

  • Fire brigade
  • Company’s fire brigade

Possible learning goals or core tasks

The instruction room can be used for many scenarios. Everything to do with industrial fire and incident control can be practiced realistically here. There’s emphasis on the following learning goals:

  • fires are staged with gas, wood and white fuel
  • extinguishing installation fires with foam and powder
  • fire with fire protection valves and water tenders
  • flange fires
  • there is an L-shaped container in the instruction room, for instructions on: fire behavior, extinguishing techniques, nozzle techniques and safe door entry
  • recognizing the effects of temperature
  • excessive creation of steam during fire-fighting
  • industrial fire with victim
  • shut-down valve fire
  • pump seal fire
  • pipe itinerary fire
  • horizontal fire spread
  • vertical fire spread
  • cold storage