Multifunctional building

We facilitate realistic practices at our safety center, with real heat, real smoke and real fire, under supervision of a professional instructor. This multifunctional building with three floors is suitable for every fire scenario you can think of. The building even contains an apartment block with indoor garage, a care center with hospital ward and a police-station with cells. The ultimate experience and practicing really realistically is at the center of this building. Also, this building has been certified as an exam location for fire-fighting by the IFV (the Dutch institute for safety).

Features multifunctional building

  • building with three floors
  • ground floor parking garage, store and stock room
  • first floor: kitchen, canteen, living room and bedroom
  • apartment complex with indoor garage
  • care center with hospital ward
  • police-station with cells
  • operating room and laboratory
  • gas-fired hearths and artificial smoke

Suitable for:

  • Emergency Response Officers (EROs)
  • Fire brigade
  • chain partners, such as: police and paramedics

Possible learning goals or core tasks

The multifunctional building is suitable for áll possible fire scenarios. In this building high and low pressure fire hydrants can be used. It is especially suitable for practices with the core tasks technical assistance and incident management hazardous materials. The following learning goals can be practiced realistically:


  • kitchen fire with fire penetration
  • lifting victims
  • working at heights
  • entrapment in a┬áparking garage
  • incident management hazardous substances in a hospital or laboratory, in combination with evacuation exercises
  • practices at average incident level
  • deployment procedures complex buildings
  • using fire hydrants
  • structured evacuation of multiple floors
  • evacuation of bedridden patients
  • approaching techniques dangerous individuals
  • large-scale evacuations
  • police practices