Plant industry

As most realistic, most versatile and most well-conditioned urban training location in the Netherlands, we offer well thought-out methods, registration and evaluation. Furthermore, we offer the most realistic experience in urban and industrial setting, with the most creative and correct scenarios and great diversity. The plant industry consists of a process installation that offers multiple possibilities to practice industrial fire-fighting.

Features plant industry                     

  • three floors with twelve gas-fired hearths
  • Industrial plates outside
  • 17 hearths

Suitable for:

  • Fire brigade
  • company’s fire brigade

Possible learning goals or core tasks

The extensive complex has three floors, with twelve gas-fired hearths, which offers a wide variety of scenarios. The following learning goals can be practiced realistically:


  • several fires in piping work
  • fire protection valves and storage tanks can be staged and fought separately sequential
  • water tender fire
  • flange fire
  • pump seal fire
  • pipe itinerary fire
  • horizontal fire spread
  • vertical fire spread
  • cold storage 360 degrees