Railroad with train

We offer the most creative and accurate scenarios, with direction and great diversity, based on topical matters. Thanks to the urban design, wide variety of objects and variation, anything is possible on our training ground. The level crossing with train consists of two trains that can be used as separate objects. One of the trains has been equipped with gas-fired hearths and artificial smoke. Offering the ultimate experience and a realistic training are of great importance here.

Features railroad with train             

  • Two trains
  • gas-fired simulations
  • 1 ‘clean’ train and 1 gas-fired train, prepared for compartment fire in the engine compartment

Suitable for:

  • Fire brigade
  • Chain partners, such as: arrest teams, railway police and rail management

Possible learning goals or core tasks

The railway with train is suitable for technical assistance, combined with building or highway. The following learning goals can be practiced realistically:

  • technical assistance scenarios
  • fire in train (carriage)
  • fire in train (engine)
  • accident on level crossing
  • accident on level crossing with entrapment