Residence 2

As safety professionals we lend a hand to people in need, but without losing sight of our own safety. In our aim for a safety society, we put health of and the responsibility for our community workers first.

The second residence had been equipped with wood-fired hearts and smokers. The fire penetrations are staged with gas-fired hearts, a new method.

Features residence 2                   

  • two floors
  • one hearth with flashover
  • XTC-lab
  • marijuana plantation

Suitable for:

  • Fire brigade

Possible learning goals or core tasks


This residence resembles a terraced house and can therefore be perfectly used to practice residential fire-fighting, in which heat and smoke play a big role.
The following learning goals can be trained for firemen.

  • explore with compressed air
  • deploy with high pressure
  • saving victims
  • ventilation techniques
  • exercises with Building Factors, Smoke, Air Track, Heat and Flame (B-SAHF)
  • deploy a team of 6 ánd variable vehicle complement
  • indoor fire
  • indoor fire with victims
  • indoor fire with vertical fire spread

Residence 2 is also suitable for the core tasks: technical assistance  and incident management hazardous materials. Scenarios with carbon monoxide and natural gas leakage can be practiced. For example scenarios with carbon monoxide.