As training location we offer the most realistic experience in urban ánd industrial setting. The motor vessel is suitable for search and evacuation exercises. It has been modified in length and has all the characteristics of an inland vessel. Correct scenarios with direction and great diversity are possible on this ship. The ultimate experience ánd practicing realistically with fire-fighting and incident management are at the center of the motor vessel.

Features motor vessel             

  • has all the characterics of an inland vessel
  • space for submerged car
  • gas-fired simulations
  • engine room
  • stock room

Suitable for:

  • Fire brigade
  • Chain partners, such as: Department of Waterways and Public Works, harbor service and harbor police

Possible learning goals or core tasks

The motor vessel has been adjusted in length to offer realistic practices. We offer a wide variety of scenarios. It is especially suitable for exercises concerning the core tasks technical assistance and incident management hazardous materials. The following learning goals can be practiced realistically:


  • fire in the engine room
  • pan fire in the galley is staged with gas-fired hearths and artifical smoke
  • measuring exercise technical assistance with victim transportation
  • a submerged car with victim
  • exercises with grab rescue
  • fire in the cargo hold
  • engine room fire with victim rescue
  • leakage of hazardous materials in the cargo hold