Vehicle extrication and highway

An effective training, that contributes to your personal growth as a safety professional, has to be well-prepared. That’s where we come in! Thanks to the inspiring surroundings and realistic experience at the safety center, learning is a real challenge. Our safety center offers a special place where vehicle extrication can be practiced as realistically as possible. Furthermore a highway can be used, with a diversity of scenarios.

Features vehicle extrication and highway                    

  • clear asphalted highway with crash barrier
  • divided highway

Suitable for:

  • Fire brigade
  • Chain partners, such as: exercises for police officials

Possible learning goals or core tasks


On the highway (and the accompanying spot here victims can be freed from their cars) all types of technical assistance can be staged. The following learning goals can be practiced realistically:

  • basic skills technical assistance and incident management hazardous materials
  • exercises on the highway
  • specialist exercises for rescue units or incident management hazardous materials
  • car incident with fire
  • car incident with entrapment
  • accident with multiple vehicles
  • truck incident with fire
  • truck indicent with entrapment (specialist and technical assistance)
  • accident involving a bus