Team Manager ERO Refresher Course

Be prepared for the future

In a community that is becoming more and more urbanized and more and more complex because of new threats, higher demands are set for safety and  safety professionals. The acquired knowledge has to be repeated and completed with the latest developments, that apply to your organization.

Keep growing as a safety professional

To develop your (through theory and practice )gained knowledge, an Team Manager ERO Refresher Course is recommended. In this course you will work on the points of interest that have been discussed in the Team Manager ERO Course. Your Team Manager ERO will be turned into a well prepared safety expert.

Secure the safety within your organization

Your Team manager ERO knows better than anyone else what is happening in your organization and which risks apply. He makes sure your ERO team is challenged regularly, by doing exercises with emphasis on the growth from ERO to safety expert. The Team manager ERO is also capable of making his colleagues aware of the realistic risks within your organization. The purposeful exercises contribute to awareness of the importance of safety for your employees.

Inspiring, effective leader

A good team manager is self-confident, gives direction and does everything he can to prevent accidents. If there is an emergency, your Team Manager ERO will be capable of coordinating the process within your organization, to prevent further damage.

What to expect:

The Team Manager ERO course lasts one day and includes:

  • scenario’s and actions in practice
  • teaching and practice material
  • optimal and personal guidance from professionals
  • coffee and tea
  • lunch, if desired

Take a look at the course syllabus here and sign up now! Do you have a question? You can reach us by Phone (+31 88 636 5605) or e-mail (